India is in midst of a catastrophe. Second wave of COVID-19 has caused the healthcare infrastructure to crumble. As of May 14th there are 24 million plus cases and 266,000 plus COVID related deaths.

Current Needs

There is an immediate need for a Ventilator and a non-invasive Ventilator at the Mukti Mission’s Krishnabai Memorial Hospital, near Pune India. This will enable them to help poor and needy people in and around Kedgaon village near Pune.

They also need to extend the O2 Pipeline connections which will help the hospital team to treat more patients with any respiratory problems.

Based on counsel from an expert physician, the Oxygen crisis can be solved with Oxygen generators. This can be a long-term solution (lasting upto 25 years) for the rural hospitals in great need. These are expensive equipment but we can help solve the root of the issue. To get an idea a ventilator costs around $13,000 and an Oxygen generator (that can cater to a small hospital) costs around $20,000.

Examples of various models and sizes of oxygen generators.

Please feel free to email [email protected] if you have questions and need more information on the costs of the equipment.

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What Indian hospitals need the most is Ventilators, Oxygen generators and Oxygen Concentrators.

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